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About us

The specialists of the Agency “Sapho” are working at the market of documents legalization and consultations since 2003. We bring luck - thousands of our customers, to whom we prepared the documents, without unnecessary ordeals and challenges, successfully went abroad. Someone with our help immigrated: one left for reasons of religious freedom, others - on a national basis. Someone quickly drew up the documents for marriage. We have helped correctly and without ordeals to some people to execute documents for family reunion with relatives living abroad.

With the lapse of time, our company has found corporative clients. We made thousands of transactions on legalization of a wide range of documentation for doing business: both for foreign companies entering the market of Ukraine, and vice versa - for Ukrainian companies entering international contracts. Our experts conducted the legalization of constituent documents of companies, contracts, prepared the documents for the certification of food and industrial products, etc.

For us, the greatest merit is when the new people come to us on the recommendations of our customers. This suggests that our efforts and professionalism in work are not vain. We are very grateful to our customers for their trust and choice. We strive for the better together with you.

Translations were always an integral part of all this work - our company provides translations for 49 languages, on a wide range of topics and always in accordance with the standards of ISO.

However, we keep emphasizing that the translation in this case is only a part of this great work. After all, language, whether Russian or English, or any other is just means of communication between people. The secret of our success is that no matter what language the customer approaches us, we always try to look into the concerns and needs and carry out his order. This is particularly true because most of our clients have had to deal with public authorities, which are often don’t feel special love for mankind.

We are conveniently located in the heart of the city, at:

Zaporizhya, Lenina Ave. 175/88, 061 701-33-22, 0679044009

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