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Link Exchange

Mutual exchange of information with the Ukrainian and foreign organizations and resources

Agency Sapho addresses with the proposal to different organizations and Web resources on the exchange of news, information about services, coordinates, and also to create mutually beneficial conditions for the individual sections, pages or mutual links to Web pages.

Customers and clients often come to us with questions and requests, which are very indirectly related to our services. We are planning to create our own registry of companies, which we might recommend in such cases.

Ukrainian and foreign organizations which we are interested first and foremost to exchange information with:

- Establishments of consular services

- Immigration lawyers

- Trade unions and associations of Ukrainians abroad

- Notaries in Kiev

- Immigration Groups

- Travel Agencies

- Marriage agencies

- Delivery Service of gifts from abroad

- Courier deliveries

- Language schools and courses of foreign languages

- Other organizations and interested individuals

And also companies that provide services for:

- Training and employment abroad

- Obtaining of tourist and private visas

- Obtaining of passports

- Lease of apartments and hotel rooms in Zaporizhya

- Lease of cars in Zaporizhya

- Acquisition of real estate abroad

- Acquisition of business and company registration abroad

- Transportation of passengers in Europe and parcels etc.

If you are interested in exchanging of information, want to discuss this idea or you have other suggestions, please send a message to our email:

or call: 0679044009

Waiting for your messages!